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Space Police III is a subtheme of LEGO Space released in 2009. It is the follow-up to both Space Police I and II.

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The theme features the Space Police, as they track down a group of dangerous criminals called the Black Hole Gang. Many of the sets for the line featured an animation on demonstrating the set.

On, LEGO posted a series of stop-motion animations for the product line called Space Police Logs. So far, there have been 7 police logs showcasing different crimes being committed, to tie in with the sets. There were also two online games made to advertse Space Police III.

In 2010 there was a contest that asked readers to build a space vehicle to catch Brick Daddy, Craniac, and Jawson. It was featured at the end of the second 2010 Space Police comic.

In 2010, the theme ended. The next year, it was replaced by Alien Conquest, a theme which lasted only through 2011.

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