LEGO Space is one of the main branches of LEGO Themes. It is science-fiction based, as it involves Astronauts, spaceships and aliens. It was introduced in 1978, and is one of LEGO's most expansive themes ever created.

History Edit

LEGO Space was one of the core LEGO themes, the others being Town and Castle. It has been running for over 30 years, and has been one of LEGO's most successful product lines ever made.

Classic Space Edit

The first LEGO Space theme, Classic Space, which was released in 1978, was a huge leap foward in product design. At the time, the theme had more Space sets than any other theme at the time. Unlike some of LEGO's previous spacecraft sets, this theme introduced many new building techniques, as well as elements. The Classic Space line marked the start of light gray to become on of the main colors of LEGO Space However, in 1987, the theme stopped, in order to open up room for new Space themes, such as Futuron and Blacktron.

New Factions Edit

In 1987, LEGO made a decision that would change LEGO Space forever: That there would be good guys and bad guys fighting for justice and power. That was introduced when LEGO released two new themes: Blacktron and Futuron. The peaceful citizens of Futuron battled against the evil Blacktron in order to restore justice in the galaxy. Soon after, the Space Police from Space Police I fought against the Blacktron, as they were regarded as criminals.

Soon after, a theme called M-Tron came in and acted as the civilians in the Good Vs. Evil battle. The sets of this theme were colored red, black and transparent green. What is really interesting about the products is that the sets had built-in magnents, which in the storyline were used for mining minerals.

In 1991, Blacktron received a new reincarnation as Blacktron Future Generation. The theme's colour-scheme was white and black with trans neon green highlights. The faction mainly fought M-Tron and Ice Planet 2002.

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Galaxy SquadAlien ConquestSpace (City)Space Police IIIMars MissionLife on MarsInsectoidsUFORoboforceExploriensSpyriusUnitronIce Planet 2002Space Police IIBlacktron Future GenerationM-TronSpace Police IFuturonBlacktronClassic Space