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Exploriens is a subtheme of LEGO Space released in 1996.

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Returning to Futuron's color scheme of white with transparent blue cockpits, Exploriens sets are known for their large printed elements. The Exploriens were searching for fossils in the form of flat plates that contained three images: one in white, for the naked eye; one in blue, for viewing under the transparent red scanners; and one in red, for viewing under the transparent blue scanners.

It was the second Space theme to include robot Minifigures, and the second to include female Minifigures, which would both describe a robot named Ann Droid. Popular Exploriens vehicles included 6938 Scorpion Detector and their largest spaceship, the 6982 Explorien Starship (both 1996). The base was 6958 Android Base. A mini-base, 6899 Nebula Outpost, was also included. The theme was only short-lived, with almost all of the themes sets and merchandise being released in only the single year, 1996. The only product released the following year (in 1997) was 1130 LEGO Explorien T-Shirt.

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The curious Exploriens were a group of civilian space explorers in a hunt for fossils.

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  • In LEGO Racers, one of the race-tracks on the 1st and 4th circuits is an Exploriens one, named "Magma Moon Marathon", and the starter parts for building your car include Exploriens parts. Ann Droid and Nova Hunter are both CPU opponents.
  • In LEGO Universe, one of the kits exclusive to Crux Prime is the "Explorien Bot" kit, which consists of Ann Droid's legs, torso (with printings on both the front and back) and 1x1 round yellow transparent "light" hat that changes walking animations to a robotic style. The pants are awarded in a Crux Prime achievement.