7316 Excavation Searcher

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7316 Excavation Searcher is a Life on Mars set released in 2001.

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The Excavation Searcher comes in 3 parts: A base and two robotic parts. One of the robotic parts is the "head" of the vehicle, with a cockpit and weapons. It includes instructions on how to take the "head" off and attach it so that it creates a large robot. The set also features a laser shooter and a big claw.

The second part of the vehicle is a walker. It has a tail which can carry boulders, and is large enough to carry multiple Martians at once. It is supported by four legs and attaches to the front piece with a double-peg system. A small flying vehicle can be attached to this section. It is piloted by one Martian, and has many hoverparts.

The base holds boulders and breaks them down. However, it cannot attach to the main vehicle. It has a piece at the end whose supposed function is to break down boulders. At the front is an opening through which boulders roll down.

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