6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost
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6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost is a Blacktron Future Generation set released in 1991. It contains a large ground base with a spaceship, a spare cockpit and a small rover.

Details Edit

Being the largest set of the theme, this ground base happens to be the only one in Blacktron Future Generation. It is made up of two main segments: a landing baseplate and a base section. The base section has Light and Sound senor array, which has transparent red lights. In the center of the base segment is a big storage box. On the other side of the base are two lasers, which overlook the landing pad. There are two transparent green windows, each of which have the Blacktron Future Generation symbol on them.

The base is also armed with a few vehicles: a large spacecraft, a rover and a smaller spacecraft. The rover is a four-wheeled vehicle. it includes two laser guns and a rocket in the back. In the front of it are a pair of lights. The small spacecraft has an array of lasers, as well as a sealed cockpit. The larger spaceship can actually attach to the smaller one on the front. The bigger one has a sealed storage/crew area, as well as two rocket boosters. it also includes two big laser guns and two smaller ones, as well as an antenna and two thrusters.

The set also includes five Blacktron Future Generation Astronauts. They are white with black arms. They all have the lime green B logo on their shirt. The B stands for Blacktron Future Generation. They also wear a black jetpack and black helmets with a transparent green visor.

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