5974 Galactic Enforcer

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August 2009

5974 Galactic Enforcer was a Space Police III set released in 2009. Included are Kranxx, Slizer, three Space Police III Officers, and Statue minifigures.


The Galactic Enforcer consists of four main ships and one ground vehicle. The first ship is the main front of the Galactic Enforcer. The second ship contains a command center and has all four prison pods attatched to it. It also has a cargo hold for the ground vehicle. The last two ships are nearly identicle and make up the rear thrusters of the Galactic Enforcer.

Notes Edit

  • The text in the statue stated "in annos triginta ad caelum infinitum construxit", which is Latin for "Thirty years of building and the sky is still unlimited" or "Three Decades of Building in the Infinite Heavens", speaking about the 30th anniversary of Space (and minifigures).
  • A sticker with the words "Spyrius Rules" is a reference to one of the earlier space themes, Spyrius. This has happened with other themes like Insectoids as well.
  • The set was designed by LEGO Employee Mark Stafford.

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LEGO Space Police - Galactic Enforcer

LEGO Space Police - Galactic Enforcer

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LEGO Space Police - Galactic Enforcer Commercial