1793 Space Station Zenon

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1793 Space Station Zenon is a Unitron set released in 1995. It contains a space station, moon buggy, spaceship, and a weapon turret. It was the second-largest Unitron set, and was only released in America.


Space Station Zenon is built onto a baseplate and consists of a command center under a blue quarter dome piece as well as rotating energy racks or guns and a laser turret. In addition, there are "mountainside" pieces which house rotating rocket launchers.

The vehicles are a spaceship and a ground vehicle. The land vehicle has twin lasers as weapons and is piloted by a Unitron Astronaut. The spaceship, also a one-man vehicle, is about the same size as the ground vehicle. It's weapons are twin lasers. The translucent pieces in this set are mostly colored trans-darkblue and trans-brightgreen. The other pieces are a mixture of blue, black, and gray.

Defending the base are a land vehicle, a laser turret, and a spaceship. The laser turret rotates and angles up and down, and is piloted by one minifigure. The other two ships are one-man vehicles with lasers. They are all blue and light gray, with bright trans green lasers and dark trans blue cockpits.

Among the three included minifigures is the Unitron Chief. He is does not pilot a vehicle, but stays inside a corner of the base, and watches through a large transparent dark blue piece.

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